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Whilst the perceived wisdom is that you have to shoot RAW to enable post processing, my view is slightly different - yes, given the choice I shoot RAW + Jpeg but like most things in  life the old 80/20 rule comes into play.

80% (at least) of your shots can have basic alterations done to the jpegs using the Sony Play Memories Home (what a stupid name!) provided that you have some means of a) rotating the photo for wonky horizons & b) a noise reduction programme eg Noise Ninja.

The other 20% may need a RAW developer usually because they're good shots that haven't been exposed/composed well - this programme can usually carry out functions a & b to the 80% shots.

I tend to use Lightroom for RAW but it's not an easy programme to use (well, I found a pain to be honest), but it's very powerful & good value - (for Adobe!).

As others have said, try a few of the free downloads until you find one you like, worth taking a bit of time over this. See also a DPR review of various softwares a couple of weeks ago for a starting point

Good luck/good shooting !


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