A57 Focus vs A 700

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Re: A57 Focus vs A 700


I've just changed from A700 to A57 and while I haven't done any scientific tests my observations would be as follows - although I'm not a Birder !

1) Weight - only very slightly lighter than the A700, not really noticable !

2) I did take a few bird in flight shots a couple of weeks ago and would say that the A57 seems to lock on  a bit quicker and more accurately than the A700, but not a huge improvement.

3) When focussing on static objects I found it a bit annoying as it would sometimes/often select a point to lock onto that was a bit random/ off-centre / not where my eye was looking. Used spot focus for those situations. OK once I found the work-round it was OK, just slighty annoying !

Please note that these are my observations from relatively little use - others may have more in depth obseravtions.

Good luck


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