Which focal length on FF you prefer 35 or 50 mm?

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Re: Which focal length on FF you prefer 35 or 50 mm?

I have a 50 1.4 which stays on my D800. It is light, cheap and sharp enough and makes you work for the picture a bit more. I remember when zooms were the new kid on the block and wide was a 28mm lens. I like the FL and sometimes I think we all try too hard and fit in, conform, to the current thinking that 85mm is the best FF portrait so 50mm is too close in FL terms, and 35mm therefore fits the bill(I generalise to make a point here sorry). Cost considerations come in here as well of course as we would all like more hardware. I remember the old Practika days when schools taught photography with this old East German camera and its 50mm lens. Its a good FL to start on, and one I always return to.

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