Transferring AVCHD videos to my Mac

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Re: Transferring AVCHD videos to my Mac

GregNC wrote:

Took the family to one of those Zipline places in Mass this weekend and took lots of videos and photos.  Unfortunately when I got back home tonight and tried to download to my Macbook, the photos downloaded but the videos did not.

I typically just plug the SD card into the side of my Macbook SD slot rather then the wireless route.

Looking for solution as to how do I get my vids into my Mac?  Thanks in Advance.

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iMovie works.  I believe it should already be installed on your mac.  If you took your video at 60 fps (instead of the default 30) there might be an issue and you'll need a 3rd party converter.

In future (I know it doesn't help with the videos you already took!) you might want to think about just switching the video quality to MP4 in the settings on your camera, especially if it's for family clips where convenience is desired.

The quality of the MP4 files are still pretty good (1440x1080 30fps) and results in each clip creating an individual file. The chunky compression they employ also keeps them relatively small in size (@12Mbps), which is a huge bonus if you want to share them.  I personally find they're good enough and easier to work with than the massive AVCHD file, although you obviously lose the 1920x1080 60fps option (@28Mbps!!).  Here's a quick video I made earlier (which doesn't show the full quality was it was only uploaded at 720p):

- I can already sense that a videographer is watching over me and will break in now to scold me for suggesting using mp4, so I'll best make a quick run for it!

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