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Re: Specs of the Mini M!

Nich0las wrote:

Leica had a real opportunity here to go head to head with the RX1. But more than that - by making an 'affordable' interchangeable lens camera they also had the opportunity to greatly expand their client base and in turn sell many more Leica lenses.

If the specs as quoted are the actual camera they're going to release all they've done is make a lemon. No matter how strong the Leica brand is, which reputable camera salesman or woman would stand there and recommend this over something like the RX1 or numerous other options?

Time to fire the head of product development and go back to the drawing board. Make a true Mini M for $2-3k that opens up the Leica brand to those previously limited to Nikon, Canon or Sony and let them experience the magic and range of Leica glass.

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HI There Nick - In my opinion Leica are never going to be able to compete head to head with Sony (or any of the other big corporates). The R&D costs for small camera runs just isn't there, and the manufacturing capabilities for large camera runs isn't there either (unless they moved manufacturing to the far east). So that an 'affordable' competitor is really not top of their agenda.

As for the camera as it's leaked (could be quite different I guess), I think it'll appeal to quite a large group of people who have disposable income, like photography but wouldn't dream of coming to a photo forum, as for competition to the RX1 - it's a totally different beast, and that kind of person would as soon want a ff fixed lens camera as fly to the moon.

If you want to experience the magic and range of Leica glass . . . and you don't want a Leica camera, then there are plenty of good options from Sony, Olympus, Fuji and Panasonic already. I'm sure Leica would like to sell more lenses, but I think they'd need the capacity to make them first.

all the best

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