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Never had a problem even with the harshest security agents

I fly between the US and other countries very often, sometime Europe, sometime Asia. I got into all the possible situations with the most innocent object like a 95% empty toothpaste tube or other objects that are perfectly legal but the personal interpretation of the security agent was different (and wrong).

I NEVER had an issue with a tripod in any country I visited including countries where they really inspect you. Sometimes I've a large tripod in the checked baggage but most of the time I've a carbon fiber tripod that I can fit in my rolling bag that I take onboard with me.

In my opinion problems usually come from:

1) Objects they don't understand

2) Objects they "understand too much" like a toothpaste tube that although empty is not reflected in their manual as something where they can have rational judgement.

They all recognize what is a tripod and what is for. I understand that it is a little silly since with a tripod you can really hurt people but we live in a less than perfect world these days

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