Optimal Memory Cards for x100s?

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Re: Optimal Memory Cards for x100s?

I treated myself to the 95Mb/s card and did an unscientific test of it against the 45Mb/s card I had been using. I filled the X-Pro1 buffer with each card and timed how long it took to shoot and to clear. The fast card took about half the time—about 20 seconds vs 45-50 seconds.

That said, the slower card never caused the loss of a single exposure. I started out with an ordinary Class 10 card with the X100, followed by the faster cards. Shooting sports or video with a dSLR, there would be a significant advantage, but the Fuji cameras tend to encourage a more contemplative and less machine-gun approach.

On the other hand, with cards being so cheap, why not go for the fastest? If you shoot sequences, they do write to the card more quickly. When you transfer to the hard-drive, they will read more quickly as well. The difference in price is really not significant any more.  When I began moving to digital cameras, a gigabyte of cards (195MB was the biggest) a gigabyte of storage was $2,550US on very slow cards. Not hard to find a gig for a buck now, even with Class 10 speed.

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