Is FF really better than m43? and why?

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Re: Is FF really better than m43? and why?

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FF in low light its a nightmare, unless you specifically want 1 eye in focus you have to ramp the aperture and hence the iso, FF is actually the opposite of what you want in low light.

Bump the ISO up by two stops and close your aperture by two stops and then its taken care of. A D600 has two stops better ISO than the E-M5...and if you downsize the images to the 16MP of the E-M5, then its even better. The one eye in focus issue is only a problem if you're shooting the eight year old 5Dc.

OMD has 2-4 stops better stabilisation, iso 1600 OMD vs iso 6400 FF, plus 2 stops dof better, I think you'll need iso12800 in low light mostly? to match this hand-held you'd be at iso25600 lol.

Nothing special about Olympus IS, any modern DC can do the job, here's an example of a superzoom @ 1200mm (EQV) handheld, 1/20s ISO 1250.

and here is another example of an FF DC shot @ ISO 2000 which show the difference of IQ.

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