Lenses: Did they get it right??

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Re: Uh, what?

deednets wrote:

David McGaughey wrote:

Are you aware the Zeiss and Fuji are independent companies? Are you aware that Fuji's roadmap was released long before Zeiss announced their lenses? Are you aware that those Zeiss lenses make a lot more sense to Nex users? Are you aware that a lot more Nex bodies have been sold than X-E1s and X-Pro1s?

The rest of your ranting appears to be of the "I don't like this focal length, so Fuji is stupid" variety....

Availability of lenses I had in mind and this is the Fuji Forum! I wasn't speaking for NEX users, why you think I should consider them on the Fuji Forum I find puzzling.

You got a few thumbs up for your rather constructive response so you must be right!

Good on you!



You have this unusual idea that Zeiss should be trying to "fill holes" in Fuji's lineup. Zeiss obviously doesn't give a crap about what Fuji/Sony is doing - otherwise they would not be releasing a 32mm prime that kind of overlaps Fuji/Sony. Rather Zeiss is releasing whatever they feel is appropriate for their new mirrorless lineup. Look at their Canon/Nikon lenses - same thing. Most of their lenses are "in addition" to what Canon/Nikon already have.

As for Fuji's lenses, they have 21/28/50/90(macro) as well at 28-85 and 85-300. A fast 35, fast 85, compact 40, and a 15-35 is coming in the near(ish) future. What is your problem with this lineup? They only things I see missing are super-fast zooms (not likely - mine as well use a DSLR), a super telephoto zoom (also not likely - use a DSLR or a m43 system), and some longer primes.

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