Lenses: Did they get it right??

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Re: Lenses: Did they get it right??

Hi Deed,

first of all we have to accept (as many already pointed out) that Zeiss and Fuji are seperate companies. So see the Zeiss lenses just as an additional alternative and not as an addition to the available focal lengths of the X-System.

Maybe except of the 12mm, which would be a nice choice for people for who the 14mm is not wide enough.

Overall I think they nearly got it right so far.

- 14mm (21mm) - bought

- 18mm (27mm)

- 35mm (52mm) - bought

- 60mm macro (90mm macro) - bought

That's already a very nice line. In addition they brought the 18-55mm lens (bought), which is a very nice general walkaround zoom. Of course it does overlap with the primes, but primes are primes (IQ, apperture) and zooms are zooms - as with every other system it is the case.

Just recently (roughly on year after launching the system(!)), they started selling the 55-200mm, which is again a very nice and flexible addition for the tele-range. I, for example, initially have not planned to buy a tele for the XP1, as I still have my FF DSLR, nevertheless for easy travelling, again it would be a nice and handy addition

Still outstanding is the 1.2 50mm portaiture lens (I'll skip this one for sure, as for this kind of stuff I use my 1.4 85 Sigma on the 5dmkII) and the super wide angle zoom - which I know is also tempting for many people.

The only major failure I see so far is the still missing 1.4. 23mm lens. That there is still no 35mm (in terms of film) lens available is really a pitty. I always loved the 35mm on my 5d, sold it for the X100, which I still like but do not own any more, and hoped when I ditched the X100 for the XP1 that by end of 2012 (what was shown on the first roadmaps) the 23mm lens will be available.

Now by mid of 2013 I'm still desperately waiting for that lens, which is from my point of view the most important lens for that system - also to pull in some more from the Leica-crowed.

I refused to buy again a 35mm lens for the 5dmkII or again a X100(s) as a substitute for the missing 23mm lens - but now I just got weak and bought the 1.7 23mm from SLR-Magic.

Maybe I will be that happy with this lens that I may skip the 23mm from Fuji, once it hits the shelfs. So one lens less to sell for Fuji - maybe.

Overall Fuji did, in my opinion, an outstanding job with the lenses and the line-up. Quite fast, high quality primes first and the system is just a good year on the market.



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