Lenses: Did they get it right??

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Re: Lenses: Did they get it right??

deednets wrote:

Asylum Photo wrote:

Are you trolling, or just dense?

Zeiss and Fuji are SEPARATE companies. I quite clearly explained why Zeiss is making the lenses they are making (because Sony), and they have nothing to do with what Fuji is making.

Fuji's lens lineup has been nicely balanced so far. Is there something for everyone? Of course not, they still have releases to go. But your insinuation that Fuji is releasing Zeiss lenses that are close to their own releases is absolutely false.

If you don't find Fuji's releases up to your needs, there is plenty of wonderful other systems out there. OR you can be patient, as the 23mm and 56mm primes will be released soon. As well as the WA zoom (10-20?).

Why trolling? Noticed that whenever somebody is critical the troll-baton comes out ...no need for this really!

I was merely pondering the close range of the options available for the FUJI (not the NEX system!!!) system. Now you mention the 56/1.2 an interesting lens and I will possibly get one, but (!!!!) will then sell my 60/2.4!

You will then have the 50/2.8 Zeiss Macro, the 56/1.2, the 60/2.4 Macro and the zoom covering 55mm @4.8 ...

I was looking at what is available for the Fuji system, not for the NEX system, I wasn't pondering changing over to another system, but would have been happier than most if there had been a tad more variety rather than have a crowded space around the 14mm mark (Zeiss 12, Fuji 14mm, Voigtländer 15mm, only M-mount but mentioned here as an alternative to the 14mm Fuji) or the 56mm mark. If there are only less than 10 lenses in total why make this such a crowded affair? I get your point that Zeiss is not really worried about complimenting the Fuji range but going directly against the Fuji equivalent, because their main interest is Sony and the close proximity to the Fuji range is purely accidental, but I was commenting from a user and not so much from a manufacturer's point!

Is this really that difficult to understand where I am coming from?


Your complaints make no sense. Hence the trolling accusation.

The 56mm f1.2 and the 60mm f2.4 MACRO are two different lenses, regardless of focal length.

Zooms are zooms. Do you want the zooms to not touch 50mm ranges because there is a prime at that approx focal length? Do you want a 18-35 and a 100-200 because there is a 60mm prime?

If they released a 23mm, the 18mm and 18-55 would be "close" and you would complain about that. If they released a 100mm, you'd complain that the 55-200 covers that focal length, and that the 60mm might even be too close.

Fuji (not Zeiss, not Voigtlander (where did that come from?)) has a range of lenses by the end of the year that cover every focal length between 10mm and 200mm, what is your complaint?

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