I’m still waiting for the right m43 camera

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Re: I’m still waiting for the right m43 camera

tron555 wrote:

These are the things I am looking for in a m43 camera to make me interested in purchasing one:

  • There is too much talk about shutter shock one certain cameras/lenses, they need to resolve this issue. Maybe go to electronic shutter?


  • Ergonomics, button layout, built in EVF/flash, etc… are not the norm yet. I need all of them. I know ergonomics and button layout are very subjective, but I have not seen one yet that meet my requirements. Panasonic is getting a lot closer than Oly and almost there.


  • Focus tracking for sports/action shots have not evolved yet. Phase detection vs Contrast detection should be along within a year, or should be I hope!
  • 5 axis IBIS on all high end cameras is not standard yet and should be.
  • Weather proofing should be standard on all high end cameras and lenses.

Hopefully, Panasonic/Olympus will come out with an all in one camera someday that meets these requirements.

Just curious: what are you using now?

The GX2 or EM6 may bring things closer, but until all these issues are addressed, there are too many compromises, for me anyway. I know some will say “all cameras are compromises”, but for me, those listed are just too many for me to accept at this time.

I was using my Olympus E-520 a couple of days ago (Four Thirds as opposed to Micro Four Thirds). Less compromise than some of my newer gear in many areas but still with its own weaknesses of course. You'll never escape compromise in any camera you buy. To me one of the joys of camera ownership is doing the best you can with what you have and capturing precious memories that will live forever rather than letting them slip by.

Tech lust is good in moderation, but with so many good deals on so many fine cameras, if I didn't already have a camera I'd snap one up without delay.

In the past I wanted a camera that did it all....that was before I discovered that each has its own unique personality and traits that you can exploit to your best advantage. No single camera will do it all, or do it all well...or even feel as right as another for a particular task.

Cameras that attempt to 'pack it all in' and please everyone on every level often come across as the biggest compromises to me, and I'm often unwilling to pay for them or carry them too.

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