I’m still waiting for the right m43 camera

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Re: You are waiting for the ideal m43 camera.

tron555 wrote:

eques wrote:

It looks, as if you are also still waiting for the right shoes, car, house, tv set, computer ....


I already own ALL of those and quite happy with all of them. I even built my own computer since one did not exist with of the requirements I wanted. The only thing I don’t have yet is a camera that has what I want without all the compromises that I listed in my original post. As soon as the m4/3 system comes out with what I require, I will consider purchasing one. I wish some company would come out with a new and improved, highly efficient 1 inch sensor with 14-16 that has smaller/better quality lenses that would compete with m4/3 format since I am not interested in narrow DOF. Maybe that would make it more compact and desirable, for me anyway. I currently have a Canon G12 and would like to go to a larger sensor camera with much better/sharper IQ, faster everything, unfortunately one does not exist yet IMO.

Let us know where you will be and we will let you know when it's released...........

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