Lenses: Did they get it right??

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Re: Lenses: Did they get it right??

Asylum Photo wrote:

Zeiss has made two prime lenses, that are primarily for the NEX system, but they were able to adapt the design with little work for the Fuji system and released them for Fuji as well. Ask Zeiss why they chose the focal lengths they did. Fuji has been releasing a pretty logical set so far, imo.

So all is good then? I am happy for you that the lens selection works for you! I was reflecting on lens availability for the Fuji system, why you bring up the NEX system I don't understand, since I don't have a NEX camera and this is the Fuji forum! I appreciate that Zeiss being mainly interested in Sony, but this doesn't really address my concern. I believe that Zeiss is working on a 50mm Macro? Certainly not another "must have" for people who already own the 60mm.

I started this thread because I kept on bumping into 12 vs 14 mm, first tests on 32 vs 34 etc. links on the internet and hardly anybody asked the question why so close etc. Obviously the wrong mindset I seem to be in. Not much point discussing this then aye??



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