Lenses: Did they get it right??

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Re: Lenses: Did they get it right??

deednets wrote:

Asylum Photo wrote:

I'm happy with all 5 of my lenses. The lenses are what sold me on the system, actually (and manual control dials).

If the lens selection isn't there for you, I believe MFT and NEX systems have pretty large lens selections and might suit you better. There's a beauty in healthy competition in the market... lots of choices.

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True regarding choices, but why make them so close? Believe me I have a fairly good idea as to why they make lenses that are so close, one of them the above discussed relationship with Sony, so the Fuji X-mount just being a by-product of what seems to make far more sense for the Sony crowd. That's fine with me, but I wasn't speaking for Sony users! I couldn't care less about the NEX system.

I was merely expressing an opinion about the availability of quality lenses for the Fuji system, not for the NEX or any other system!


Fuji has made 4 primes and two zooms. The only ones that are "close" are the 14mm and 18mm, but they are significantly different lenses.

Zeiss has made two prime lenses, that are primarily for the NEX system, but they were able to adapt the design with little work for the Fuji system and released them for Fuji as well. Ask Zeiss why they chose the focal lengths they did. Fuji has been releasing a pretty logical set so far, imo.

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