Is FF really better than m43? and why?

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Re: Is FF really better than m43? and why?

Photo Pete wrote:

Photo Pete wrote:

Ridethelight wrote:

I would feel very sad if this image was shot by me with my D700 and 85mm f1.8 combo .

Not sure what this pic is means,it is a old guy in red completly abstract from any story that the surroundings may imply to a viewer,therefore generating no interest or meaning .

Composition is irrelevent, it was just an example but you are searching into his expression which says actually there is something there, but hey.

The bokeh is harsh and ugly to the extreme,the foliage backgrond never helps with this.

bokeh is not harsh, its fairly smooth if anything

Personally the image would of been destined for delete before it left the SD card.

Of course it would.

Not sure what your crusade is to be honest,yes micro 4/3 is excellent for casual use esp with the superb primes,but if a wedding photographer turned up with m4/3 gear and assured me that i would not notice any difference,i would tell him to take a very long hike.

Seriously no crusade but its nice to know that FF has zero advantage of m43!

If only that were true. I've just been diagnosed with spinal problems and will probably have to sell my Nikon D800 and downgrade image quality and focus performance to go for a smaller and lighter micro 4/3s kit.

If you can truthfully say that micro 4/3s can match the resolution, low light performance, dynamic range and focus performance of a D800 then I would want to be the first to to believe you. Unfortunately you can't say that truthfully and I can't believe you.

Micro 4/3s is good and getting better, but in terms of image quality it will always remain the case that a good big one will beat a good small one!

Pete, OMD has better DR than a 5dmk3, much better and the 6d, did Canon stop selling FF cameras? d800 isnt the only game in town.

Not the only game in town... but it demonstrates quite clearly the ways in which full frame is better than M43.

Not really.

Ah! I understand why you don't get it. You are finding it difficult trying to evaluate different cameras with your head buried in the sand!

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