OK - so I'm considering getting a Nikon DSLR again - the D7100, but...

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Ben Herrmann
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OK - so I'm considering getting a Nikon DSLR again - the D7100, but...

Hello folks:

I've been a long time poster at DPReview (since 2002) and used to have a considerable Nikon DSLR system collection.  However, over the past 6-7 years, I've been shooting primarily with regular 4/3 and micro 43 cameras (both Olympus and Panasonic).  Four months ago I picked up the Fuji X-E1, which I've really become enamored with.  One that issue that never came up with any of the m4/3 and Fuji models is the issue of dust/crud or oil on the sensors.

Now up until a few 2years ago, I also used to shoot with the likes of the D80, D90, and D5000 - all models with dust busting technology installed, and on the Nikon side of the house I still currently shoot with the likes of the P7100, P7700, and P330 enthusiast models.  I've since sold those Nikon DSLR's mentioned above because I had to cut back on my collection.

Lately, I've been thinking about picking up the D7100 - after all, the reviews have indicated that it's a stellar performer, but I have my doubts, specifically about one area - dust, dirt, and oil.

Now I realize this may sound paranoid, but please read on.  I have 11 acquaintances - some are good friends - who shoot with Nikon DSLR's.  7 of them have the Nikon D600, 2 have the D7100, and the rest shoot with older Nikon DSLR's.

The issue I have is all of the ruckus that I've heard about the dust and oil issues on the likes of the D800 and D600, and now I'm hearing it about the D7100.  Of the acquaintances who have the D600, I've managed to talk to 4 of them so far and they indicated that they've run into dust and oil problems after just a week or so.  The two friends I have that have the D7100 have indicated that within a week or two, they experienced dust and oil issues on their sensors, particularly on one side.  Although it was frustrating for the both of them, they both said that they reluctantly wet clean like they used to do.

But that's the problem - at least for me.  You see, I've become spoiled with the likes of my micro 4/3 gear as the dust busters in those cameras function superbly.  Even the dust buster in the Fuji X-E1 functions superbly.  Heck, the ole' Olympus E-1 that I've had since it first came out (5 MP's) still has a pristine sensor with no issues.

I've always loved Nikon gear, but lately, these issues with crud on the sensors has stopped me from even considering the D600.  Several folks recommended to me to just get over it and periodically do a wet cleaning of the D600 sensor - sorry NOT!  I'm long over that scenario.

What have your experiences been like with the D7100?  Is this dust/crud scenario becoming an issue with many copies of the D7100, or is this camera pretty well excluded from the issues plaguing the D600 and D800?  I know it sounds ridiculous, but since we're all different - in our wants and desires - this is a biggie for me.  As I said, I'm very close to pulling the trigger for a D7100 and a Nikkor 16-85 VR, but am hesitant because I need to hear more about dust issues with the sensors and your experiences with this model.

Thanks for your patience,

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Have a great one....
Bernd (Ben) W. Herrmann
North Carolina, USA

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