I’m still waiting for the right m43 camera

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Re: You are waiting for the ideal m43 camera.

tron555 wrote:

So basically, you want a Sony RX100 with a different  body, different sensor and a different lens? So it'd be nothing like an RX100.

Correct. A much better sensor and different (better) lenses and better ergonomics would be very interesting indeed. It might even give m4/3 a run for it's money if priced more reasonably and for those who do not want or like narrow DOF.

Why mention an RX100 then?

Sounds a bit like an EPM2 or GF5/6 you're describing here.

Incorrect. The EPM2 and GF5/6 or still plagued with the issues in my OP.

As many others have said, there is no such thing as a perfect camera, just pick the one with the best ergonomics (for one thing) for you and adapt.

I really do wonder if this is (as mentioned before) a troll thread.

That's your problem.

Not when you come across as a troll, and not even a funny one.

I'm simply pointing out facts that have kept me (and probably many others) from going to the m4/3 system cameras/lenses so far.

It seems as if you're almost taking it as a personal affront by the consortium.

If you feel the issues I have pointed out have zero merit, that is only your opinion.

""If you feel"", so you're not sure, you're just getting your retaliation in first.

I don't feel your issues have zero merit, just the way it comes across is a bit 'woe is me'.  It always gets me when people post things here, and ask for opinions, and so many of the responses bleat on about 'personal preference' and berate the OP for asking, and then say something like 'just because it works for me doesn't mean it'll work for you', that's the point, people ask what works for some and not others, to get many different opinions.

Is this really so difficult?

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