D5100: Card capacity error

Started Jun 6, 2013 | Questions thread
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Thank you!

Mahmoud Mousef wrote:

Lena Hale wrote:

The 32GB I looked at were about $30 each and I was planning to get two. But now I'm probably getting several 8GBs instead. I'll be positive about the capacity once I fill up this card with random stuff just for the sake of filling it and know exactly what it can hold.

There's an application called h2testw that is designed to test the capacities of these things. If buying from Amazon, I would make sure you buy from Amazon directly rather than a third party.  Ebay... I personally wouldn't trust unless you know a trusted seller that's 100% genuine.

You're a little wary of eBay, too? Glad it's not just me. I always buy from Amazon, or at least a 3rd party whose orders are shipped from Amazon. Thank you for the application, I'll look it up. I think I have an idea where it stands right now, but I'll definitely double check.

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