D5100: Card capacity error

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Thank you!!

Mako2011 wrote:

Lena Hale wrote:

Format..? With my current card I just kinda inserted it and took off shooting.

Always format the card in-camera before starting to fill it. Also, after transferring pics from card to computer via reader or such.. format card in-camera before using it again (make sure your files are on the computer or other storage device first). This prevents problems writing to the card in the camera. You can get some strange things happening if your read the card with a computer then put it back in the camera and start writing to it again. If your are just looking at the pics with the card out of the camera (no moving of files) slide the card lock to "on" before inserting it into a card reader or such. Then you can un-lock it and put it back in camera and safely start where you left off.

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Well.. that explains why, when I transferred today's pics to the computer (having never formatted the card), it also transferred photos from years ago that weren't even on the camera anymore. Good to know.

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