D5100: Card capacity error

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Thank you!

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So, as far as compression type goes, and RAW or JPEG and all of that... Which setting should I be in? Getting beautiful shots is my top priority obviously, but since I'm going to a country where I can't buy this kind of equipment, I also want to have as much space as possible while respecting a budget below $100 since money's really tight right now. Judging by what I've been told and just logic, the higher the compression quality (is that the right term?) then the more space each photo will occupy. Will I have to make a sacrifice one way or another or is there a middleground?

If you shoot jpeg, and you are happy with the colors you are getting then I recommend a quality setting of 'Fine' or 'Normal' and a size of 'Large'. Fine is the best quality compression, and Large is all of the pixels in your camera. The other size settings 'Medium, and Small' will give you smaller pictures (less pixels), and you might regret having only a small copy later on.

My recommendation is to shoot raw, and convert to jpeg later using the software that came with your camera (View NX2). It's not that difficult.

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I will do that. Shooting in raw does slice the card capacity in half, so I'll just have to compensate with extra cards on vacation. Now I just have to go read what people said about which brand to go with.

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