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I would DEFINITELY be shooting in RAW.  Not only from a pure photo quality standpoint, but also from a "preserve your memories" standpoint.  If you go somewhere and completely screw up the exposure, there's only so much you can do with a JPEG before what you're doing causes more harm to image quality than the original screw up.  Shooting in RAW will allow you significantly more latitude not only to save pictures that are far too dark (or light), but also gives you much more latitude with the right post processing to make just an OK snapshot into something spectacular by playing with shadows, highlights, etc.

To preserve as much storage space as possible, I'd shoot 12 bit compressed.  Although I'm sure you can find someone who can see a difference...and ultimately it's not THE best setting for getting the absolute best image quality even remotely possible......it's the best compromise of file size and file quality.  I personally have done some serious pixel peeping to try to see a difference between 12 bit compressed and 14 uncompressed, and I can't see a difference.

Okay... thank you. I leave in July, so until then I'll just experiment with 12 bit and 14 bit (is 14 the RAW? Sorry, I've never touched these settings) and see for myself what the differences are/are not- I'm still at entry-level, though, so chances are I won't see a difference either if someone who's looked really hard can't.

Edit....now that I think about it...I'm not even sure you have a 12vs14-bit option with the D5100 so worry not

Shoot 12 bit if you're not familiar with how 14bit can help when post processing. !4bit is really a player for folks at ISO 100 to 200 and who squeezes every little bit from an image. You most likely will never notice. No disrespect.

Shoot Raw 12bit and use ViewNX2 (latest version is free on  the website...not version on disk) to view your pics when you come back and quickly convert them to JPEG with very little work. Way down the road you can revisit them if you wish or learn to better process. If you get that once in a life time shot...but it's a bit under or overexposed...Raw will save it while JPEG only will give you few options. Play now with RAW and ViewNX2... enjoy the learning

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I shoot at ISO 100 at all times, granted I haven't tackled low light conditions yet so I can't say how I'd approach that. The D5100's image quality options are: JPEG basic - fine, NEF (RAW), and NEF (RAW) + JPEG basic - fine. Today I did my first RAW shoot with post processing in ViewNX2 and it definitely feels better than what I did before, which was JPEG basic with post processing in GIMP. It was too easy to over-edit in GIMP, this process makes the final image feel more legitimate, you know? Thanks for tipping me off to it!

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