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Re: Why the writing's not on the wall (and the new link)

Look at it this way - what if we had been using mirrorless on-sensor PDAF cameras all along, and a DSLR was introduced? People would be raving about the long battery life, responsiveness, tracking ability in low light...

If we'd been using mirrorless on-sensor PDAF cameras for years and suddenly an optical viewfinder DSLR was introduced... people would be ranting about the bulky stone age prism technology which shows almost no useful overlay information, total lack of video coverage, liveview focusing and exposure feedback in the viewfinder,  the alignment issues with the secondary AF sensor array, the loud and clunky operation and slow framerate, etc. All in the name of an relatively inaccurate but fast-tracking AF subsystem...  

Not really. The efficient tracking delivered by a separate PDAF sensor even in non-ideal conditions would really benefit wedding, event, and action photographers. People would be regularly getting spectacular action shots that could only be obtained with spectacular luck before.

Also, PDAF might be relatively inaccurate if calibration is off, but CDAF is completely inaccurate when things are moving fast enough. CDAF is great when things aren't moving, but quickly falls down in more demanding conditions.

"lack of exposure feedback in viewfinder" - translates to "lack of viewfinder restricting what you can see". EVFs have poor dynamic range (worse than even that of off-camera JPGs).

"slow framerate" - well, at least a DSLR lets you see where the subject is, so you're more likely to get good frames. A few good frames is more useful than a batch of garbage frames.

"almost no useful overlay information" - DSLRs have had plenty of info display in their finders for a long time.

It comes down to this: a mirrorless camera is a crippled DSLR without a mirror and efficient PDAF system. Anything a mirrorless camera can do can theoretically be done with a DSLR + live view.

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