A Pro's opinion of EVF vs OVF

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Re: A Pro's opinion of EVF vs OVF

DSLRs do NOT offer shallow depth of field, per se, it is the sensor size (FF) vs focal length.  DX with a 50mm f1.4 lens has deeper DOF than the same lens on FF, but that lens on a DX D300 would be the same as on a DX mirrorless camera.  DSLR advantage gone - minus D800, etc..

I meant shallow DOF AND good AF tracking. Any camera with a big enough sensor and fast enough lenses can offer the same subject isolation, but only DSLRs can back that up by being able to reliably keep the subject in focus over a wide range of situations.

And, there are times where greater DOF is actually an advantage!

The situations in which greater DOF is an advantage...don't require the advantages of the DSLR design.

I've shot hundreds of photos on V1 battery (same battery as D7000).  2nd battery in my pocket - zip pop!  No significant advantage for DSLR, IMHO.  Where thousands of shots are taken rapidly today by DSLR users, or long videos, they're probably using battery grips.  (I'll add that to my wish-list! :-D)

I don't mean hundreds. I mean thousands. I can shoot an all day event on one battery with the D600, and get over 2000 shots on one charge if I pay some attention to how I'm using power. I always carry a spare, but almost never have to use it.

To get the same performance with a V1, you'd probably have to use 3-4 batteries. And charging them all back up is going to be quite time consuming.

It's the clacking MIRROR mechanism that makes most of the noise which is then added to the mechanical shutter noise.  Perhaps the mechanical shutter COULD be eliminated, but then you've still got a very slow focusing, quite large, "baby dirty diaper" holding camera.  Advantage?  Hmmm.

Slow focusing? Not with the mirror. Also, CDAF is getting better and better in terms of lock on time. What it fails at is tracking moving subjects (which the V1 can't do anyways except in ideal conditions).

A DSLR with a mirror could potentially give you two cameras in one - a quiet mirrorless camera (without good AF tracking ability) and a responsive camera capable of keeping action in focus.

With a mirrorless camera, you pay around the same price to get one half the functionality. A mirrorless camera is a crippled DSLR locked in LV mode, nothing more.

I'll give you low-light tracking....as yet unknown, unproven.  Low power consumption as well, though I feel that's inconsequential in most situations.

A camera with a dead battery isn't very useful. Inefficient power consumption (with mirrorless cameras) is at best a slight inconvenience (for people who only take the camera out on weekends/birthday parties), and at worst a disaster (for people covering all day events and shooting thousands of shots - they'd have to bring 4 batteries, and they still might run out of power. Plus, the LV-only design of a mirrorless camera makes power management difficult).

As for superior image quality???  With comparable sensors?  I don't THINK so!

The V1 does not have a comparable sensor (not close to the D5100).

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