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Re: "No one will pay for a 75mm fixed lens camera"

dmartin92 wrote:

No one will pay for a 75mm fixed lens camera.

I think that you're close to the truth. It would have a very limited market.

50mm though, that might have a chance, once the market for 35mm FOV becomes saturated.

I mean, both the RX1 and Fuji X100 are 35mm FOV. And the GRD cameras too ?? I think so.

It was smarter for Sony and Fuji to start with a 35mm FOV, but they could probably sell a few 50mm FOV cameras. And whoever would do it, they would have no competitors. Whereas there's already some competition for customers in the 35mm FOV market.

And though they would lose more than a few customers for the lens being too long, they'd pick up a few for it having the chance to give a limited DOF.

But I think 75mm is just too long. Very few customers.

But 50 maybe could be sellable, and they'd have no competition.

The way I see it, an RX1 with a 50mm lens would serve as an alternative to the 35mm lens for general usage, and I agree that it would appeal to many users.  OTOH, an RX1 with a short telephoto lens (75-85mm) would serve as a complement to either a 35 or 50mm lens, and I personally would strongly consider getting it.  In all likelihood, I could accomplish at least 75% of my photographic work with just those two cameras, and they would be lighter and less cumbersome than any DSLR with a zoom lens.  If the IQ from a 75mm RX1 is equal to that of the 35mm RX1, it would be very tempting.

It might not be all that difficult or expensive for Sony/Zeiss to design different prime lenses for the RX1 body. Most of the heavy technological work has already been done.


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