I’m still waiting for the right m43 camera

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Re: You are waiting for the ideal m43 camera.

So basically, you want a Sony RX100 with a different  body, different sensor and a different lens? So it'd be nothing like an RX100.

Correct. A much better sensor and different (better) lenses and better ergonomics would be very interesting indeed. It might even give m4/3 a run for it's money if priced more reasonably and for those who do not want or like narrow DOF.

Sounds a bit like an EPM2 or GF5/6 you're describing here.

Incorrect. The EPM2 and GF5/6 or still plagued with the issues in my OP.

I really do wonder if this is (as mentioned before) a troll thread.

That's your problem. I'm simply pointing out facts that have kept me (and probably many others) from going to the m4/3 system cameras/lenses so far. If you feel the issues I have pointed out have zero merit, that is only your opinion.

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