Just Switched to the RX1 from the M9

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Re: Just Switched to the RX1 from the M9

Toccata47 wrote:

Robgo2 wrote:

I'm with you on this.  If Sony releases an RX1 with a fixed 75 or 85mm lens, I will think very hard about getting it.

On the subject of Leica, it's no secret that their digital cameras have always lagged behind those of the Japanese manufacturers.  Basically, Leica digital M's exist to carry Leica lenses, and people who treasure their Leica glass simply have to put up with the weaknesses of the cameras.


No one will pay for a 75mm fixed lens camera. Take out the dp3m for a test drive.

More importantly, your information about leica is just not accurate. The sensor in the 240 is competitive with the 24m sony. Previous generations prioritized fine detail over iso relative to "japanese" sensor tech, and as a result hold up better even today when used with sufficient light or fast enough lenses. I don't find the m9 to trail behind the d700 or 5dmkii when used the way it is intended to be used.

As far as lenses go, well yes, camera systems need to be looked at as a whole. If M's added no value, you would see the same results using leica glass on a nex as you do on an M.

Well I will pay for a 75 mm fixed lens RX1.  The M "240" sensor is not competitive with the Sony RX1 sensor  The color rendition of the M is off, particularly in face tones and is only rectified through extensive profiling done on your own.  In terms of color rendition and awb the M is still in the beta stage.  The high iso on the M and dynamic range is far short of the RX1.  As you note the key to using the M is to do so "as intended" which translates to ample light and lower isos.  At this point it is apparent to me that the tecnical issues associated with marrying the small M lenses to a sensor are proving difficult to overcome.    The live view interface on the M is cumbersome to use and manual focus for video is just silly.  Leica fell further behind with the M.  The superior sensor of the RX1 along with its versatility is eroding M sales.  I have no doubt that if the RX1 had a Leica red dot on it sales of the M would be eroded to the pont that the M would be a relic.  The entire Leica lineup is extremely dated even with the release of the 'Milestone" M.  The mini is going to be an even bigger disappointment. Leica makes rangefinders and lenses.  They don't make sensors or software.  Sensors and software are the future and Leica just can't compete in that arena.  What Leica needed was a step change in its sensor on the M, instead it came out with a very mediocre 24mp cmos sensor.

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