eyeFi to iPad just too slow for 5diii - wft-E7a???

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Re: eyeFi to iPad just too slow for 5diii - wft-E7a???

jcnlv wrote:

I had the same issue with the EyeFi and I had the new pro card.  If you shoot fast and you want it so your client or makeup artist and or stylists can monitor things the EyeFi card is not fast enough.

I use shuttersnitch and it was great with a Cradlepoint hotspot router the MKII and the old WFT e4, so I bit the $800 bullet and bought the WFT e7a and it is faster, but what a pain to setup... after messing with it for hours and having another photog friend try for hours and even calling Canon (no help at all!) I called a friend who is a bit more network savvy and who had helped me setup up the e4a last year and offered wine and pizza, he accepted and it still took him a couple of hours.

The menu options for the e7a are crazy... the MKIII already has a ton more options than the MKII that I am still learning and once you put the WFT -E7a brick on it, the menu options for it add a whole new level of confusion to fight through.

I am really disappointed with Canon I tried to get them to help and they would not even talk to me...once I told them I was using a router and shuttersnitch, because they don't support shuttersnitch... Shuttersnitch was not the freaking problem! The tech I talked with had no idea about setting up the e7a and put me on hold for over 15 minutes as he probably searched for some who did.... and then came back and said they couldn't help me.

The e7a is faster... than the EyeFi card... $700 faster?  I'm not so sure. I still have to transfer the smallest jpeg to come close to keeping up with how fast I like to shoot.

Last night I set it up for a shoot and it suddenly wants to transfer RAWs instead of JPG's !!! no idea how that happened... and with the client here and under pressure... I could not find the menu option to change it... so didn't use it!

I do think I WILL keep it and I WILL learn the freaking menu options... but all in all the WFT e7a totally SUCKS... It is a brick that bolts to your camera and requires a wire sticking out of it with a capacitor or something on it that plugs into the side of the MKIII! Looks totally like some cheap after market add on... nasty looking, and feels terrible.

If I didn't have such a big investment in Canon stuff i think I would be shopping around now.

Thanks jcnly,

I think you've put me off the canon wifi solution - unless you tell me that it can really keep up with you during a shoot - and I didn't see that - yet.  I worked my way through the WFT e4ii with 5Dmkii set up hassles, and it WAS working fast enough, and reliably...  but then I upgraded to the 5Dmkiii, and sold my ii.  You said you were transferring the "smallest" jpeg?  If that is the S3 jpeg, it is too small to check focus/sharpness (see the last paragraph).  Gotta work with the S2 minimum.

My post was six months back, so some time has passed..  but I am still using the eyeFi on it's own local network, and my iPad2...  I found that putting it on my LAN did not help speed.  On it's own local network, I think the camera battery charge is a factor for the strength of the network...  so you'll want to have a fresh battery to swap...  though bear in mind that when the camera is powered down for the swap, the connection breaks, and you need to reset it in iPad settings after powering the cam back on.  For the initial shots, when finalizing manual setting for the shoot, checking lighting, etc, it works ok...  but once I am snapping a pic every 2 or 3 seconds, it inevitably falls way behind, and sometimes jams, so I quickly abandon it for checking shots.

A funny story - I did a remote shoot for a high school prom party, and was crazy because I could not get a sharp photo.... I had just upgraded the 5diii firmware, and thought it had thrown my autofocus off...  Finally just went ahead and did the shoot regardless....  and it turned out that I had switched the SD card to the lowest quality S3 jpeg to speed up transfers in the previous shoot, and that was just so low rez, that zooming in gave me a blurred pic.  In addition, my camera defaults to showing the SD card pics on the lcd, unless I use quickview to change to to the CF card raw photos on the LCD...  so zooming those gave me the same blurry awful S3 jpeg.  I was so relieved when I got to my computer and found sharp pictures on the CF card.


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