olympus 75-300 II or Panasonic lens 100-300mm

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Re: olympus 75-300 II or Panasonic lens 100-300mm

I recently acquired the 100-300 Panasonic for use on my GX-1.  I tested it against my Canon100-400 on a Canon 30D and found both lenses fairly equal.  Depending on the zoom length, one would be slightly sharper than the other, but overall I would they are fairly matched.

I also bought the tripod collar for the lens from the company in Germany as I use a tripod when the lighting gets low.  It is very well made and works with an Arca-Swiss style head without any additional plates.

Well the zoom ring may be a little stiff, however others have reported that with use, its gets smooth.  For video I can probably see that being an issue, but for photos I don't notice it.  Overall I am very happy with the lens.  I cannot comment on the Oly  as I have never handled/tested it.

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