Jpeg or RAW ( & Why) June 2013

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One more example - how RAW saves my contrasty shots

I am an amateur, and I love to travel to scenic locations. I don't have the time or money to be able to stay in these locations for weeks at a time, so I don't have the luxury of shooting only in the brief magic hours of dawn and sunset. I make the most of those times, but I'm not going to pack my camera away the other 10-12 hours a day. So I need a forgiving format (RAW) in order to recover the views I see in the less-than-magic hours when harsh light or gloomy days would make photos in the jpg format less attractive. Because jpegs are compressed, they're often unfixable without degrading the image terribly. Here's a shot from Arches NP in both formats, taken during middle of the day in harsh light which fools cameras a lot. In the jpeg you can barely see a hint of the blue sky but you get a lot of the harsh shadow. In RAW, there was enough data to bring back the blue and lift the shadows to seek more of the interior textures of the canyon. I sometimes shoot raw+jpeg but mostly only raw. A RAW file developed in LR4 gives me a better result than HDR and without all the halos and sky weirdness. Maybe there are cameras and/or photographers who can capture perfect jpegs in harsh conditions but I'm not one of those photographers and/or don't have one of those cameras. So I need all the help I can get. I may not be alone in this.


RAW in LR4

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