Dumb Lenovo R61 question/s

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Dumb Lenovo R61 question/s

Ok so a couple of days ago I noticed that my trusty (ahem) R61 was not charging. The battery is a large OEM replacement and fairly new. The AC adapter is plugged in and working - I measured 20.1V across the terminals (open circuit) and it charges my folks' Lenovo laptop. While I was able to get to it the battery monitor showed that it was still "Good" with something like 64Wh of capacity still available (though almost flat at the moment). Currently (sorry!) the battery does not have enough charge to go through a normal shutdown.

By a process of elimination:

- if the battery monitor can be trusted, it's still good (but I don't have another R-series to try it in)

- the AC adapter is good, because it's charging another machine as I type this

- the R61 does nothing with the battery removed and the AC adapter plugged in - should it be able to run like this? I mean no lights, nothing, it's totally dead

- that leaves the power management circuitry on the motherboard. If that's fried I'm looking at a new machine, correct?

Does this sound like I'm on the right track? I know this is an old machine that's been turned on almost continuously since 2007, but I've installed extra RAM, a new HDD (cloned from the original), a new fan/heatsink (PITA), and replaced the battery. So you could say I have a lot of time and effort invested in this thing and I am loath to replace it if I'm wrong.

The other thing that's giving me a headache is that I have a legal, activated copy of PS on it (the other copy is on the desktop). If the mobo is fried, I need to find some way to deactivate it so I can install & activate it on whatever I replace it with, which sounds like an adventure I could live without...

Any advice on whether this machine is actually deceased or if I've missed something obvious would be greatly appreciated


Ricoh Caplio R6
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