I’m still waiting for the right m43 camera

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Re: You are waiting for the ideal m43 camera.

What I don't quite understand is that your all requirements have to be fulfilled by every mFT camera.

Not fulfilled by every mFT, just one that fits my needs with less compromises than currently exists.

Perhaps you should consider to get more than one body, which I think is always a sensible thing to do - you have a back up, if one of them fails and you have less trouble changing lenses.

I only want one small/compact camera body to carry around, having more defeated the purpose.

One last thing: if small size is important for you: perhaps you should look for a "enthusiast" compact camera like the G12: the Sony RX 100 offers a larger sensor, even smaller size and might even be faster.

The G12 (which I already own) is an enthusiast camera but has reached it's end of life and no longer satisfies my IQ or responsiveness requirements. If the RX 100 had better ergonomics, 16MP instead of 20MP, and was a system camera with high quality/small lenses, I would certainly consider it.


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