D2H, Why so Much for a 4MP Camera?

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Its a well build workhorse

Gpruitt54 wrote

I do not own a D2H and I do not know anyone who has one.  However, from a Megapixel point of view (my only frame of reference) I am a bit confused at the value proposition as it relates to the D2H. I use to use a D70.  No, I NOT asserting an equivalence between them. But, the D70, like the D2H are both low Megapixel cameras.  From the reference point of Megapixels (alone), the photo quality between the D70 and my current D200, is a very notable improvement.

Good question. I've never owned one either. But i remember that I and several colleagues of me were full of envy when  a few staff photographers got the D2H and we had to keep using the F100 or F5's or our self financed digital Nikon dslr camera's

The D2H is a typical need camera, its very well build, and it had very good operation for its time. A typical workhorse so to say. Image quality is especially in the sector where this camera is aimed on news and sports coverage only partly important. What is important is that you get the news fact, the D2H could do that under all kinds of extreme (weather) conditions and for that time with an excellent AF and speed. The 4mp excellent files it produces is more than enough (by means of image quality)  for low resolution (black&white) news  photography and there it was merely aimed at, at least at rhe news organization I worked for.


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