A digital camera with a certain "film feature"

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Re: A digital camera with a certain "film feature"

zodiacfml wrote:

I thought about that before but with the use of an EVF so we could still review images, yet, the advantages of removing the LCD screen at the back is very minimal in terms of cost, weight, and size.  I'd still use the LCD screen to review images when I'm not shooting.

Anepo wrote:

Here is what I am wondering: Am i crazy to long for a digital compact camera that has got an optical viewfinder with settings unfo in it but does NOT have an lcd on the back?

A kind of a digital "film camera"? Where you wont know what you got until you put the sd card in your computer at home?

Is it just me that longs for something like that? Or does anyone else find that an appealing idea?

Well it would have an optical viewfinder like a rangefinder and not a tiny "good luck seeing through it" optical viewfinder of the powershot g15.

Also the viewfinder would display shutter speed aperture iso & white balance and only shoot raw.

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