A digital camera with a certain "film feature"

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Re: A digital camera with a lotta "film features"

Mark B. wrote:

Anepo wrote:

jess shudup wrote:

I want to:

Change SD cards after 36 exposures, and shoot same ISO and white balance on all 36.

Wait hours or days for results, and pay for each card each time I use it.

Oh wait.  I can do that.  And not look at the LCD ...

Darn these modern cameras.  Some come with features that I don't like or use.

Yes act like a five year old that will help your cause, also great name (sarcasm)

But guess what? A camera like this would serve a REAL purpose for photography students, right now they all have to shoot film and learn from mistakes that way, what if the battery was limited to 100 shots and they would NOT have to spend 30$ per film?

Think of it as "the digital camera for photography students"

Reality check.  There are no such cameras today - all digital cams have an LCD and last more than 100 shots -, and no camera maker is going to come out with one so let's just forget this line of thinking.

If an instructor wants to actually teach this way, it's easy enough - just have the students keep the LCD off and only use the VF.  I'm not sure why any instructor would not want students to learn immediately from their mistakes or experimentation, however.


Reality check for ya: less than 100 shot cameras: sigma dp1, sigma dp2, sigma dp1 merril, sigma dp2 merril.

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