Which new printer Epson 3885 or R3000 or Canon Pro-1

Started Jun 7, 2013 | Questions thread
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Re: Which new printer Epson 3885 or R3000 or Canon Pro-1

Last year I needed a new printer to replace my long-serving and by then dead Canon i9950. Canon options were the Pro-1, the Pro-10, and the Pro-100. One criterion was my dissatisfaction with the light-fastness of the i9950 prints, and although Canon claim that the Pro-100 inks overcome this, I decided to go for a pigment-ink printer. I considered the Epson 3000 and 3880 as alternatives but was put off by the black ink switch (the Canons have separate ink lines and nozzles, so the problem does not arise) and the ongoing Epson reputation for clogging. At that time the Pro-10 was newly released and the best price I could find was close to the price that the Pro-1 had gone down to, so I bought a Pro-1. It is a very impressive piece of kit, and I have no regrets about my choice. Obviously if you want a 17" rather than a 13" printer then it would not be for you. But if you are producing small prints as well as large ones you should check the paper-handling capabilities of any 17" or wider printer that you are considering.

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