Waterproof/beach camera to supplement my gear

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Re: Waterproof/beach camera to supplement my gear

mgn2 wrote:

Will be heading to beach vacation soon with family. Already have a Fuji X100 and Sony NEX-6 with enough AF+MF lenses. Since we will spend a good portion of our time at the beach or  in the pool, I'd like to get a rugged, water-resistant/water-proof camera that is under $200 so I don't feel too bad if it gets destroyed/drowned or takes mediocre pictures (my expectations for P&S and waterproof cameras relative to my current gear are low). Don't care about fast lens as there will be plenty of light. Don't care about megapixels. Should have decent sensor size. Would be great if it could should 720p or 1080p video. IQ should be at least as good as an iphone 5, otherwise I'm better off buying a rugged case for my iphone(s). I just don't want to miss moments with my family because I don't have my camera on me or afraid it will get sand or water in it. I'm also open to buying a new smartphone as I need a phone anyway, and then could kill 2 birds with 1 stone. Thanks much!

At that price any rugged camera is going to have a tiny sensor.   They all do so they can fit the optical path inside and not need an extending zoom.   So don't expect image quality above the most basic entry-level point &  shoot.   In bright light around the pool you can still take fun pictures.

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