Key reason M43 isn't gaining traction against DSLRs: Price

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Re: I can't imagine that the G6 will be worth 2X the G5

dougjgreen1 wrote:

You have a point with lenses, but I have bagged several cheap bodies; DMC-G2, DMC-G3, DMC-GX1...all when being run-out of course (and all in the $350ish price bracket).

DMC-G5 is still current and is being discounted now for $398! at B&H.

DMC-G6 is brand new and not available yet at the same store, but high prices are no surprise on any new camera.

And that deal is not just the body - that's with the 14-42 lens.  I was seeing them on ebay for about $425 last week, but that B&H deal is pretty amazing on a current camera.   Panasonic must have a BUNCH of inventory.

Yeah, some smoking deals. I made it sound like it was just the body; I meant the kit lenses too, to go with the bodies. Bodies were gong for around $100 less in each instance.

This has been standard pricing practice right from the early days of Micro Four Thirds; the DMC-G1 -  though I never picked one of those up - was also being sold dirt cheap when the DMC-G2 arrived. So many opportunities for good cheap deals.

Looking at some competitor mirrorless models...

Locally (Australia), I can pick up a Pentax K01 with kit lens for $300 + postage. I found a special on the Pentax Q too. Nikon V1's with kit lens have sold for just a little above that in selected stores and specials. The price action I'm seeing on mirrorless models is more aggressive than I've seen any DSLR go (rightly so in my opinion), but I think you just have to be perceptive for those sales and not so eager to get them when priced new (which really are ridiculous prices for early adopters).

The G5 is tempting me...

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