D2H, Why so Much for a 4MP Camera?

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Re: You should be able to get a used D2H for around $400 (pics)

Chuck Yadmark wrote:

Man I'd give you easily twice that for camera only.  I have owned 3 D2H's.   I have a love/hate relationship with em.  I love the handling, autofocus and the way they shoot.  I hate it when the lights go down and I have to go to 800 or worse.  Nowadays my assignments (maybe arbitrarily) won't allow less than 6mp, but I do love using this around the house in the daytime to shoot my kids and local nature.

Three years ago you made a comment about the D2H that I loved so much, I bookmarked it:

I'll put it another way, it's good enough to get you hooked on pro bodies, and bad enough that you'll wish you had a different pro body.

That is so true.   I bought mine four years ago.  I was shooting another brand and it was a relatively cheap way of testing the high-end Nikon autofocus.  I also figured that if I eventually updated to a D300/D700, I could use the EN-EL4 in a battery grip for 8 fps.

Even though it was a six-year-old camera, the D2H was good enough to convince me to go Nikon, but the old 4 MP sensor was not great for cropping or low light.   Within eight months, I ended up buying a D700.  Since then, I have barely touched the D2H, except when I have needed a backup camera.

Some things about the D2H still haunt me, though.  I love the chassis and the handling.  Earlier this year I bought a D300 because I wanted a second body with more reach.  It's a fine camera, but I find myself wishing I had bought a D2X instead.  The D300 sensor is probably better in most respects, but after using the D700 for three years, the noise annoys me.  When I can't use the D300 at or near base ISO, I switch over to the D700.  Considering that, I might as well have bought a D2X rather than a D300 and enjoyed the more high-end body.


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