Phase One’s Capture One Pro 7 Question

Started Jun 8, 2013 | Questions thread
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Try adjusting the Focus Mask settings.

I suggest you adjust the settings for the Focus Mask:  Threshold, Opacity, and Color.

"The Threshold controls how sensitive the mask is. A low number will show the sharpest areas of the image and also the near-sharp areas. A high number will show only the sharpest areas of an image. The analysis will sometimes misrepresent sharpness for noisy images, or branches from a tree out of focus. I do not recommended using the Focus Mask with images taken with a pocket-sized camera with a small pixel size at high ISO values, unless you tune the threshold to a high number.

The colour and opacity of the mask can also be changed to your choosing in the same dialog box."

j.m.young wrote:

I can not see any focus peaking in any photos. I have tried it on photos with faces and landscapes ETC.

I have activated it by choosing View>Show Focus Mask and then tried just clicking on the Focus Mask icon in the toolbar.

Any ideas or help would be very much appreciated! Any tips of favorite features also would be nice.

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