Another RX100 Sensor Dust example

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RX100 Sensor Dust in repair [Update #2]

Several people have asked in various threads whether Sony's repair process for a dusty RX100 is a cleaning or replacing parts. Mine is in for repair now and I've learned a couple of things:

  1. The technician on the phone indicated that since this camera doesn't have an interchangeable lens, it should not normally get dust on the sensor. Any dust is covered under warranty (unlike an interchangeable lens camera which does not usually cover cleaning). That made me wonder if it is indeed a sealed part of the camera, and dust is a defect from manufacturing. I have an early model version made in Japan.
  2. Two days into the repair process, the status of my repair changed to "waiting on backordered part". So, at least in my case, they are swapping out parts in Texas rather than just cleaning it like I would have thought.

Since I was near the end of my 1 year warranty, I decided to spend a bit to extend mine to 4 years in case this problem returns. Here's hoping the parts aren't on backorder long for me!


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