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Colin Franks wrote:

^^^ Thanks for that. Very helpful.

As I had an event to get to today, I didn't have a lot of time to look at the cameras in the store, but did hold the 5D3 and 6D, and Nikon D800 in my hands.  They certainly are heavier (!) than my M4/3 G3, but the size didn't bother me too too much. (Is it grammatically correct to say "too" twice in a row?)

That sounds you don't have problem.  mFT only advantages really are in small/light gear, but also could be disadvantage when you have a bigger/longer lens attached in wildlife and action photos in areas of handling and ergonomic, button layout and how quickly you can make the changes.

After watching this video , I think that the 6D would be a better choice for me as I don't do video. It's a lot less cake.

Yes but 5DIII video maybe even better especially with the ML (Magic Latten) firmware to let 5DIII can show RAW video that is much better in video quality on the price of huge file size.

However, my head is still spinning on all this.  Perhaps for those of you who have always had a DLSR, it might seem like a downgrade to a M4/3,

Absolutely.  To me DSLR still makes every sense.  I'd get a small DSLR such as SR1/100L than a mirrorless as it's ready to use all my EF lenses.  Lens are the key as I have many lenses that mirrorless doesn't have counterpart.

but I read how so many have made that move, and feel incredibly relieved from the size & weight factor, and are pleased with the IQ.

Size/weight is only on small and usually slow lenses.  mFT IQ is pretty good that close to APS-C but FF is still noticeably better, not just in high ISO but in low ISO with more dynamic 3-D look, better color tonality and able to achieve shallow DOF in portraiture or in some occasions that just look better.

And then there are those (like me) who have only had & used a M4/3 camera, and, possibly, don't know what we're missing with a camera such as a Canikon FF. Gah!

Give a try that may surprise you.  You will find 40/2.8 on 6D is pretty small/light (relatively) but its IQ is noticeably better than 20/1.7 on mFT with the same FF eq 40mm AOV.

I guess I ought to try and find a friend who has one, take both systems out for a day of shooting, and look at the results.

Good idea.

My CS6 Photoshop will deal with the Canon Raw files, correct?

Of course as CS6, LR4, or any third parties software will support all major cameras, and Canon cameras are among the highest priority from all those software companies.

Any more input is welcome.

Good luck.

BTW, here are few 100-400L on 5D3

cropped out about 60%

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