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johncz wrote:

can my motherboard handle SATA 3 card ?

What do you mean, a separate PCI card containing a controller plus ports for SATA using the SATA 3 standard (600 Mb/s)?
In that case, yes, as PCI 2.0, the standard of you motherboard PCI slots, the maximum bandwidth is 500 Mb/s. But not using the full 600 Mb/s of SATA 3 standard, plus keep in mind some loss by overhead to. So it shall not using the absolute total full bandwidth for data throughput. By that practical maximum bandwidth of about 450 Mb/s I guess.

P5E3 Asus motherboard is only SATA 2 , and SSD Samsung Magician Tool shows only about 50 % out of SATA 2 performance . what can I do about it ?

Do you mean 50% of 300 Mb/s ???
So maximum of only 150 Mb/s ???
Seems it should be more high, but I don't expect the full maximum speed of 300 Mb/s as there is always some loss by overhead. Maybe you should have a maximum of about 250 Mb/s ??

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