Key reason M43 isn't gaining traction against DSLRs: Price

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I just noticed today that you can get the latest Sony DSLT, the A58, with kit lens and 75-300mm zoom at B&H for $596.  Or you can get the very highly rated Pentax K-30 with kit lens for only $538.

By comparison, the Lumix G6 with kit lens is $750, and the previous-generation G5 is $599 for the kit.  And the OM-D and GH3 are still around $1,300 with the kit lens.

It's the same story with lenses.  There are all kinds of inexpensive APS-C lenses that are pretty high quality.  But with M43, you pay a premium for high image quality (with the exception of the Sigmas).

Anyway, I think high prices are one of the main reasons M43 hasn't gained much traction against DSLRs.  If I'm a consumer who wants the best image quality at the lowest price, I'm grabbing that Sony deal and passing on the high-priced new M43 cameras.

I wonder if prices will moderate as the technology matures? DSLR prices sure have...

Another key reason is that most uninformed buyers will probably buy an entry-level camera simply because the sensor is bigger.

What makes you think they are informed enough to know that DSLRs have larger sensors?

And, if they do, sensor size happens to actually be a pretty good parameter to look for, so ...

My two sons bought Nikon DSLRs some time ago without consulting me (D40 & D5000) and both made their purchases without having ever heard of differences in sensor size (the average buyer is much more likely to have heard of differences in megapixels than difference in sensor size).  All they knew was that they were making a step up from their P&S cameras and that they both preferred the feel of the Nikon to that of the Canon (the only two brands they considered). Imo, they typify the average American entry level DSLR buyer in that they didn't want to spend much time researching cameras and felt that they couldn't go wrong with a Canikon.

Bingo! I would actually think they typify the average replaceable-lens-camera buyer almost anywhere in the world. Canon and Nikon are the most well-known and trusted camera brands, and not without reason.

The reason M43 is not selling so well is not so much caused by M43 in itself, more so by competing on a market with two much, much stronger brands.

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