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Colin Franks wrote:

I'm considering the purchase of a new 5D Mark III.  I humbly ask my question knowing that I don't know the first thing about the lens offerings for this camera.

5DIII is a great camera.

For the last few years I've been using a M4/3 camera (Panny G3) and I've been happy with the overall coverage of the three lenses that I do have for that:  a 20mm/1.7 prime;  a 14-45;  and a 100-300. (Double those figures due to the crop factor).

40/2.8 pancake on 5D3 is lots better than 20/1.7 on mFT.  Buy kit with 24-105L that is also much better than 14-45 on mFT.  100-400L is your choice that is also noticeably better and AF lots faster than Panny 100-300 although it's much heavier.

So I'm asking you, what would be the 2-3 lenses that would suite my needs with the Canon?

If you want similar coverage as those mFT lenses you mentioned above, the above three lenses are good choices.

I shoot all over the map, but not studio portrait work.  I assume that I'd need to spend a lot of money in order to achieve the reach of my present 600 (equiv), and perhaps I'll need to be content with a shorter reach in order to avoid mortgaging my house, but I suspect that there might be some level of consensus on what might be some wise choices for me.

Don't worry about eq 600mm reach.  I used to use 100-400L on my 60D which has 640mm FF eq reach at 400mm side in zoo photos.  I just recently used 100-400L on my 5D3 instead in the same zoo and I found I could match to "reach" by just cropping more.  FF 5D3 has much better cropping ability than 1.6x no mention 2.0x crop while still maintain good IQ.

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