Shooting 1st Dance recital & I need a little advice

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Re: Shooting 1st Dance recital & I need a little advice

1) Auto Iso:  Set minimum shutter speed 1/500 if fast moving, max ISO 6400.

2) AFC, spot focus, 9 pt.  Have found that if there isn't a lot of motion that 9pt is more than good enough

3)  AE:  Spot, then usually between -.3 to -1.7ev depending on how strong the back / spot lighting is.

4) AWB:  I've twiddled with this in the past, but find that AWB has worked for me.

5) Shoot the lense wide open.  Likely you'll be at the back so DOF won't be so shallow.  I would set VR off if you are shooting > 1/250.

6) Do use a monopod, do not use a tripod ( or use tripod with only one leg extended as a monopod ).  Holding the combo for 30' and you'll be wanting some support.  Mount to the 70-200 collar mount!

7) Shoot single shots, find machine gun mode for dance has nevery yielded me much but just a lot more pictures to delete.

Yes the mono pod has been a life saver.

And I switched to single shot because continuous just used up my buffer.

I've learned allot. I have to be a little more conservative and selective while shooting because I have run out of buffer several times and missed shots that I would have been able to get if I had just waited.

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