85mm f/1.4G, focal length good for headshots?

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Re: 85mm f/1.4G for nose shots

I have only one question for all those pro that answering: in practical use, is it ever possible to get the nose and the eyes in focus when you shoot 85mm at 1.4 on full frame and get that close to shoot the head only?

The term (portrait lens) is actually just a marketing term, you can shoot your head shots with any zoom  with constant F4 that is sharp (not too soft) wide open, so for what you do the Nikon 70-20/4 G is all you need, it is a zoom,it is cheaper, has VR, magnification goes all the way to 1:3 and you have to stop it down to 5.6 or 8 at least to get the whole face in focus.

you can still do nose shots with it at f4.

The back ground blur is beautiful and smooth.

The 85 1.4 G is a lens for Leica personality people that they buy it and store it clean and only show it to their guests (see what I have)

For people who want to do beautiful head shot portraits any lens can do it, even the cheap 70-300G ($100) that is tack sharp between 70-135.

Please if you proudly have the 85 1.4G and hate what I said, can you explain to me when and where you ever need to shoot at 85 1.4 or even 2.8 close up headshots  on a full frame camera?

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