Key reason M43 isn't gaining traction against DSLRs: Price

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Re: Key reason M43 isn't gaining traction against DSLRs: Price

"Most DSLR shooters I know have never even seen a m43 in the real, and they are very surprised when they see some of my shots, often better than theirs, they ask in disbelieve what camera has taken them!"

How often when someone sees your great shot do they ask:  "What camera took them or what camera do you use?"  The emphasis is on the make/model of camera.  Rarely is it what equipment did you use or what was your technique in getting that shot.  The majority of folks believe that the camera is the sole piece of equipment that takes great shots, not the person, the lens or the technique. They just want to know the name of the camera you are using.  If you give them technical details, it just goes over their head.

While I do believe that price is most often the key point in making a decision, the majority of people do not know how to take a picture and set the camera on auto with hopes that they will take the same quality photo you did.  They rely on the camera to do the job and make purchase decision based on that belief.  They rely on the sales people of BB and other like stores to guide them on selection based on the name brand (quality) and look to see how many accessories they can get for their money (value/bargain) even if those accessories are of poor or inferior quality. The buyers have no standards to compare and are happy with their purchases; they got a deal.  When they do not get the those shots, they blame the camera or if they care to do better, begin to really learn about photography.

This forum is about technical people with skill and passion, we are not the masses. We argue to death very small differences that only we could tell or find valuable.  I think for users of this forum arguing about price is pointless as the masses buy what everyone else is using or think will get them great shots.  It is about psychology and marketing the right target audience using the right media. Look at the Nikon commercials: a young good looking actor having fun taking pictures of beautiful people in fun places.  That is target specific.  Telling you if you have this camera you will have the same funs and excitement.  Look at sport car commercials, who do they target?  What do you often see in those ads?  There are countless examples of this.

Older baby boomers, although many are computer savvy, rely on travel forums, TV, travel and other specialty magazines, word of mouth from other travelers, mail advertisements and less on the Internet.  I would venture to guess that folks in the 50-60s use more of the computer for research while folks in the 65-plus use it a lot less. They simply did not grow up with computers and don't want to learn now. So they are less likely to do Internet research and rely more on sales people or family members and friends for guidance.

My whole point is that if m4/3 is to strive (giving all the pros and cons mentioned already), the makers of these cameras need to focus their marketing strategies on the more probable users (those looking for good quality images, but value lighter weight and size as the main deciding factor).

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