Key reason M43 isn't gaining traction against DSLRs: Price

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Re: Key reason M43 isn't gaining traction against DSLRs: Price

Midwest wrote:

I see almost no ads on TV for cameras. I did see one for the latest or second latest Rebel but it is hardly massive marketing in a place most likely to affect the general public.

Probably the massive marketing is done by the pro's showing up with Nikon and Canon gear. Just being seen with it.

I see adverts in newspapers, mainly not by the manufacturers (Tamron, sometimes!) but by brick and mortar or even internet shops, the highstreet, exclusively Canon, rarely Nikon. The canon mirrorless or point and shoot are mixed in with 2-3 DSLRs, most people would not be aware how much better m43 is than the non-DSLR canons.

Nikon is also in print, mainly with the one system. Never, ever saw an advert fron Panasonic or Oly for m43 in a place non-camera geeks would find it by chance!

So, if the view B&M shops left do not stock em, dont want to sell em, where are the new customers coming from?

Everybody blindly trusts Canikon (and they do have good products!) and I think many miss out on m43, which would offer them enough in a more accesible package.

Even the Nex system is a lot better known than m43. Sony is a trademark the public does recongnise, again rightly so and non-camera geeks included.

Most DSLR shooters I knopw have never even seen a m43 in the real, and they are very surprised when they see some of my shots, often better than theirs, they ask in disbelieve what camera has taken them!


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