I’m still waiting for the right m43 camera

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Re: I’m still waiting for the right m43 camera

tron555 wrote:

These are the things I am looking for in a m43 camera to make me interested in purchasing one:

  • There is too much talk about shutter shock one certain cameras/lenses, they need to resolve this issue. Maybe go to electronic shutter?
  • The high quality zooms are still WAY too expensive like the 12-35, 35-100 for example. These are the two lenses that interest me, but are cost prohibitive at this time.
  • Ergonomics, button layout, built in EVF/flash, etc… are not the norm yet. I need all of them. I know ergonomics and button layout are very subjective, but I have not seen one yet that meet my requirements. Panasonic is getting a lot closer than Oly and almost there.
  • Focus tracking for sports/action shots have not evolved yet. Phase detection vs Contrast detection should be along within a year, or should be I hope!
  • 5 axis IBIS on all high end cameras is not standard yet and should be.
  • Weather proofing should be standard on all high end cameras and lenses.

Hopefully, Panasonic/Olympus will come out with an all in one camera someday that meets these requirements. The GX2 or EM6 may bring things closer, but until all these issues are addressed, there are too many compromises, for me anyway. I know some will say “all cameras are compromises”, but for me, those listed are just too many for me to accept at this time.

You know, you can wait forever, or buy a camera and enjoy it.  Nothing is ever going to be EXACTLY perfect; the two questions you should ask yourself are:  Can I get the results I want from this camera, and is it set up in such a way that using it helps, rather than hinders, my creative flow?

Given that no camera is going to be totally perfect, you have to decide what you can adjust to and what you can't.  THAT is going to vary from one person to another.

For me?  I've used everything from the EPL1 to GF3 to GH2 to GH3 to EPM2.  In terms of ergonomics, the cameras that bugged me in the series?  EPL1, G3, GX1, EPL5.  Cameras I ergonomically really, really liked?  G2, GH2, GF3. Cameras somewhere in the middle? EPM2, GH3, G5 (for a variety of reasons, none of which may be particularly important to anyone else).

IBIS?  Don't care one way or another.  It would be nice, but my long lenses all have OIS, and it doesn't particularly matter to me on the short ones, so not a dealbreaker either way.

I do not give a rat's rear end about zippy focus tracking as I just don't use the camera that way.  Sure, it would be great if M43 developed it, since it would make it extremely competitive with DSLRs for those who want it, but not a big deal for me.  CDAF, as implemented in current bodies, is plenty fast and very accurate, and meets my present needs...

Weather proofing...nice idea, but not sure I would bother to pay more for a camera with it if it had everything else I needed.  For some, though, it's essential, and on high end cameras it should be available.  Not necessary on anything lower priced, though.

M43 already has a pretty impressive lens selection.  Not sure why you are complaining about the price of the high end zooms; the reality is that good glass is always expensive, and always will be, no matter what the camera format.  As third party lenses start coming around, other, less expensive options will, I am sure, come out, too.

Shutter shock is a minor issue, worse on some cameras than others; I've only run into it on one body with any regularity.  Honestly, until someone invents a global shutter, no camera is going to be immune from mechanical shutter (or mirror for that matter) vibrations in just the right circumstances.

What M43 does for me is give me very good image quality in a small package.  THAT is the real advantage of this system.  I am willing to adjust to what idiosyncracies it has in order to have a competent camera that can go with me just about everywhere.  If that is not an acceptable trade off for you, then it's not the right camera system for you.

Personally, I think if you need a camera now,  you should look at something like the Pentaxes.  They have a form of IBIS; they have fast image tracking; they are not huge; they have weather sealing, and there are 40+ years of lenses that will fit the camera mount.  Or, you can buy one of the cheap M43 basic bodies out there at the moment, and get started on your lens collection for when the body of your dream comes out....or not.

Photographic moments are fleeting.  Buy something that works for you, and if something better comes along down the road, then switch.  If M43s doesn't have what you want, look elsewhere; maybe it will in future, maybe it won't, so get what you need where you can, and go take pictures with it....


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